The work of the abolitionists

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, British Empire Pages: 2 (775 words) Published: January 31, 2015
The work of the abolitionists was the most important reason for the abolition of slavery and slave trade. Do you agree?

In 1807, an Act of Parliament abolished the trade of slaves in the British colonies. However, it was not until 1833 that an act was passed to free all slaves in Britain’s colonies. The enslaved received no compensation for their sufferings or for having their freedom denied. On the other hand, the plantation owners did receive compensation from the British government for the loss of their ‘property’. Even then, slavery did not stop completely or straight away. It continued on the cotton plantations in some parts of USA. In this essay, I will be discussing whether work of abolitionists was the most important reason for end of slavery. Some people may believe that the abolition of slavery and the slave trade was due to the work of black people as they were the first to campaign. The black people resisted slavery and protested against the practice. Rebellions on ship were common and expected, and the Middle Passage became dangerous for crews. Slave traders then ordered for more shackles and arms to hold their captives. On many occasions, rebellion on ships consisted of jumping overboard instead of continuing to tolerate slavery. In Jamaica became a home for many as freed or escaped slaves set up their own communities and at times attacked British settlers. One of the most important factors in the campaign for the abolition of slavery was in 1831-1832, when there was a serious uprising in Jamaica. Many Africans resisted in non- violent ways. Their acts of resistance often cleverly used the white view of black people being clumsy, lazy and stupid. For example, they stole from their owner, robbed him of his property or profit, damaged machinery, self mutilation, poisoned their owner and practised their religious beliefs. Religion and traditional customs were seen as a threat as it gave Africans faith which could lead to...
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