The Women of Brewster Place

Topics: The Women of Brewster Place, Family, Brick Pages: 4 (1444 words) Published: March 8, 2009
Who are the women of Brewster Place? Mattie, Ciel, Etta Mae, Kiswana, Cora Lee, Lorraine, and Theresa. Each of these women will tell their experience while living in Brewster Place, a big brownstone blocked by a brick wall on a dead end street. Mattie is the mother figure in the apartment building. Mattie grew up in Tennessee , where she lived a sheltered life with her mother and over protective father. One day Mattie and Butch Fuller, a man her father despised, went to pick sugar cane. Butch seduces Mattie with his sweet charm and good looks. Mattie becomes pregnant with Butch’s child. She leaves Tennessee to escape her father and ends up in New York where she meets Ms. Eva and her granddaughter Ciel. Ms. Eva gives Mattie and her son Basil a place to stay rent free with her and Ciel. Long after Ms. Eva’s death Mattie and Basil makes that their home. Basil gets into trouble and kill a man during a bar fight. Basil gets arrested and Mattie puts her house up to bail him out of jail. Mattie loses her home because of this and is eventually forced to move to Brewster Place. Etta Mae was a very promiscuous lady. Etta and Mattie both grew up in Tennessee as childhood friends. After living a long life of searching for the right man she moves in with Mattie at Brewster Place. Mattie takes Etta to church, where she meets Reverend Woods. She is taken by his wealth and status, but after sleeping with him, she realizes that he only wanted sex. Kiswana Browne, whose name at birth was Melanie Browne, move to Brewster Place voluntarily from Linden Hills, a middle class suburb. Kiswana dropped out of college to live in Brewster Place with people of her kind. She was proud of her heritage and was active in protecting her rights. She believed she can effect real social change in the black community. She wore her hair in long braids that were beaded at the ends. The landlord at Brewster Place was a slumlord. So she went from door to door to get a tenants association started so that...
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