The Woman Who Had No Prejudices

Topics: Love, Sentence, Taganrog Pages: 2 (1081 words) Published: April 27, 2015
Let me present to you my analysis and interpretation of the story which I have recently read, called “The Woman Who Had No Prejudices” written by the famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov. He launched one of the world's most brilliant literary careers from rather unlikely beginnings. The grand­son of a Russian serf, a peasant who was not free but was bound to the land, Chekhov graduated from medical school and became a practicing physician. However, he also began to write and publish stories during his university days. Later, he turned his hand to drama, producing before his early death a handful of memorable plays. Chekhov is best known for his ability to capture, often with subtle humor, the confusions, strengths, and weaknesses of ordinary people caught up in circumstances beyond their control. The title of this story can be referred to as a direct one, though it may appear quite confusing because the main character of the story is supposed to be a man, not a woman as it is mentioned in the title. But on the other hand, having read the title and the beginning of the story we may quite clearly foretell the probable denouement of it, so we may call it the so-called self-explanatory title. Now I’d like to focus on the main character of the story. He is a man whose name is Maxim. He is described as a person of enormous strength. The author characterizes him as tall, broad-shouldered and thickset. In order to emphasize his appearance the author uses hyperbole in the following words: “…there wasn't a man on earth who would dare fight him.” The author gradually intensifies the atmosphere enumerating various peculiarities of him. At the end of the paragraph the author starts using exclamatory sentences to logically finish the process of admiration for the main character, using gradation. Another side of the main character is represented as extremely embarrassing and indecisive when in comes to proposing to Elena Gavrilovna. Again, the character’s strong points are...
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