The Woman

Topics: Female, Sex, Gender Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The woman I am in my Dreams
Lexi MacConnell
1.) What we can infer about the narrator based on the contrasts she reveals is that she is a short woman, who wears sensible average clothing, she is unconfident with lack of sex appeal.

2.) The woman in the narrator’s dreams is a tall well-dressed woman who is very social; she is concerned with her own needs. This woman in her dreams is very confident, she is able to overcome obstacles and it’s her way or no way. We know this from the poem when she says “The woman in my dreams breaks all the rules about shoes wears them high and red with killer spike heels.” It shows that she is confident when it says “she sees the world as she walks”

3.) The turning point. “The woman I am in my dreams I wake up and carry part of her with me everywhere I go.” The narrator can be “the woman in her dreams” whenever she chooses. There is a complete turnaround on the readers understanding, as the unconfident short, bland woman who idolizes the woman in her dream is actually the woman in her dreams.

4.) Tynes repeats her title at the beginning of each stanza “The woman in my dreams” I think is used as a way for the narrator to distance herself from the image of the woman she may really be.

5.) I believe that Maxine Tynes wrote this poem because although you may doubt yourself and feel you can never become your dream-self you have the power to “carry a part” of the woman you want to be everywhere you go. The audience she wrote this for I think is for female audiences, mostly younger, less confident females. The social and cultural factors that might have influenced her writing is that of equal opportunity for everyone not depending on race or gender, it would be the same for confidence and self-esteem should not be based on your gender or race.
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