The Wise Judge

Topics: Simple Plan, Wales, Hearing Pages: 4 (901 words) Published: August 11, 2011
The Wise Judge

Narrator 1 : The widow Yemswitch was a good old woman. But she had
long since grown hard of hearing. She had a small flock of sheep
that she tended. One day, the sheep wandered. Setting out to look
for them, she met farmer Mulugueta who had just finished his
Widow: “Ato Mulugueta,” said the widow, “have you seen my sheep today?”
Narrator 2:Now farmer Mulugueta was a good old man, but, he, too, had grown hard of hearing. Since he had just come from the field, he thought she was
asking about his plowing.
Farmer :“Yes, Wizero Yemswitch,” he answered. I have worked very hard today.”
Narrator 1 : He pointed toward his powed field to show her what he had done.
Narrator 2 : The widow had not understood a word. She thought he was pointing
toward her lost flock of sheep.
Widow:“Thank you, farmer Mulugueta,” she said. “ If I find them there I shall
give you one.”
Narrator 1 & 2:They bowed politely to each other.
Narrator 1 : Then the widow went looking where the farmer had pointed. As
luck would have it, she found the sheep just over the hill. She was
grateful to the farmer for noting so carefully the way they had gone.
In a little while, they might have been found by leopard or jackals.
She discovered that one of the lamb had injured a leg. She decided
to give this lamb to the farmer. Going to his house, she found him
preparing his supper for his wife had been dead for many years.
Widow:“Ato Mulugueta,” she said. “I found the sheep where you said they
where. I brought you this lamb for your reward.”
Narrator 2:Mulugueta did not hear a word,but he saw that the lamb had an injured
leg. He thought the widow Yemswitch was accusing him of the injury.
Farmer:“Oh no,” said the farmer . “ I had nothing...
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