The Will Power and Courage to Show Ambition.

Topics: Thought, Imagination, Real life Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: November 28, 2010
The will power and courage to show ambition.
Ambition is one of the most common things people go through in their life time. Ambition is defined as the strongest desire success, achievement, or distinction, for example a goal or an aim towards their desire. (Collins) Many people can use ambition in small ways to achieve one big goal. For example, your teacher asks you to accomplish a 10 page paper due in exactly 10 days. You make a goal to get one page done a day as to not procrastinate and have to cram it all in in one night. This is an example of ambition. I have chosen two simpler, more common words to describe ambition. These words are will power and courage. Also, in order to have ambition you need to face both will power and courage to carry out your success.

Bridge to Terabithia is a book that I read that over my summer break. This book was just recently made into a film, although the ambition I understood from is still present in the movie. In the book a young boy named Jess Aarons, a fifth grade boy, who become friends with his new neighbor and classmate Leslie Burke. Leslie is a smart girl with a wild imagination, while Jess is a sports fanatic and has a secret love of drawing. Jess doesn’t get along with his family very well, his mother favors his sisters and his father is never home. Leslie on the other hand is an only child with parents as writers. As Jess and Leslie begin to become closer, Leslie notices how much pressure is on Jess and how it is affecting him. So, to get away from all the stress and pressure of the outside world, together they create a kingdom full of glorious and magical things, such as giants and castles. This kingdom is only open to Jess and Leslie with their creative imaginations.

Although we all have our own style of imaginations, each is unique and has a specific purpose to the person. In Jess’s situation he needed the will power to “get away” from all of his troubles, and Leslie was there to...
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