The Wife of Bath

Topics: The Canterbury Tales, Woman, Bad Romance Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Wife of Bath vs. Lady Gaga
Geoffrey Chaucer's, Wife of Bath, character in Canterbury Tales can be compared with today's modern pop icon Lady Gaga. Both woman share many similar qualities regarding their personality types and behavior. From the Fifteenth century to the Twenty- First, these women symbolize feminism and contradiction of societal norms. This essay will discuss the similarities and differences between Chaucer's fictional character, the Wife of Bath, and Lady Gaga, one of this century’s most innovative, iconic idols. The Wife of Bath is one of the most distinct, wild characters in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The way that Chaucer has drawn the character the Wife of Bath is very sexual, self-confident, feminist woman. Her facial and body feature give off very sexual vibes. He discusses her curves, her feet, and her gap tooth. According to The Wife, her gap tooth represented sexuality, sensuality, and lust. The Wife of Bath is also a very talented woman and is an expert weaver. She is very confident in her Sunday's finest clothing. She also makes herself seem like a very "religious" woman and she states that she goes on pilgrimages often, but we later find out in her story she only goes on pilgrimages for one reason. She has been married five times; therefore she is experienced in that department, so she thinks. Another big feature about the Wife of Bath is that she believes that women should be in control, she believes that she should have what she wants when she wants it, and she knows how to get it. Finally, she is a somewhat twisted woman who likes a challenge. She always has a thirst to control every man she is with she expects them to bend down and be her slave pretty much. Being a Lady Gaga fan, I immediately thought of her famous song Bad Romance, she sings about a relationship that turned from love to disaster. This reminds me of all the Wife’s bad romances with her lovers. Physically and mentally she is not a replica of Lady Gaga, but Lady...
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