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Topics: The Who, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: December 2, 2013

The Who: Quadrophenia Tour
One November 1, 2012 The Who reunited on tour to perform their rock opera, Quadrophenia. Quadrophenia was released in 1973, so almost 40 years later they are showing it again.
I first heard of the tour in mid-summer and got my tickets soon after. The day of the concert could not come soon enough. Once the 16th came I was overly excited. The doors opened at seven so I made sure to get there right on time. The concert was taking place at the . To get there I had to drive to a subway station and ride there until . Once I got to the underground I saw many others wearing shirts that read, “The Who.”

After riding the subway for about three or four stops, I arrived at the Garden. Just getting in the doors was crazy from the show from being near sold out. From the tickets being expensive, I was sitting in the balcony. After riding up two escalators and going through a set of metal detectors and bag checkers, I was finally there. I get to my seat in the tenth row and the opening act was already on. The opening acts name was Vintage Trouble. The audience had a positive reaction to them and after hearing a couple of their songs, so did I. The band had an old soul/rock sound. They had a lot of energy and put on a great show. The stage for them was small, since it was designed for The Who, but the lead singer used every inch of it. The stage was set up very simple for them with just their band name and logo on a screen in the background and a small ornate rug in the center. The band didn’t hide their excitement to be there, with a huge crowd and a huge applause. After their set they received an ovation, bowed and left the stage. The lights then went bright. That was the first time that I have heard of them and I was glad that I did, they had a lot of talent and were great performers. After around a half hour of the Garden advertising other shows, playing Top 40 songs, and the bands roadies setting up the equipment and doing sound...
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