The White Umbrella

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The White Umbrella

The narrator of the story The White Umbrella is about a girl who doesn't like the way her family does things. The narrator has not yet found herself. After showing how insecure she is she is, something happens in her life for her to realize that she does not need everything in life to get noticed. She then realizes that the most important thing in life is family and she realizes how important her family is.

The narrator in the White Umbrella is a young Chinese girl. After school, her and her sister Mona have piano lessons. They need to be at the piano lessons at 4:00 so they start walking in the rain to get to Miss Crosman's house (The piano teacher). While the narrator is sitting there waiting for her piano lesson she sees the White Umbrella. After the piano lessons the sisters wait outside in the rain for their mom. Miss Crosman tries to get them to come in the first time and get out the rain. But the sisters turn her down saying “Our mom's gonna be here any minute she's just running late”. The second time she tries to get them inside she made some Pot Roast but they still say no. The third time the narrators sister Mona gives in and goes inside. Then the piano teacher comes outside and sits and talks to the narrator then gives the narrator Her White Umbrella who the narrator thought it was someone else's.

After that then there mom came and the narrator hid the Umbrella under her skirt. Her sister had touched her leg and found out that there was something under her skirt. Then her mom tried to find out what it was and got into a car accident.
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