The White Tiger

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The Great Escape
“What a fucking joke!”, that quote is what I was repeating like a mantra when reading Aravind Adiga's novel The White Tiger. The narrator introduces that phrase at the beginning of the story and when I go through his encounters I can't help but to say it too. This novel takes place in India and the story of India's dark side is told through a very peculiar yet attention grabbing format. The author represents this novel to his readers by creating the illusion that his narrator is writing a one-sided conversational letter to the Premier of China telling him the truth about India's financial, political and social situation. Post-Colonialism is the era in which this novel is set and man are the repercussions bad for throughout the novel corruption, pain and misery, and darkness are overwhelming like the heady stench of decomposing flesh.

Corruption is like a gushing wound, the more you try to cover it up the more it bleeds. It seems that no place is free from corruption, it is everywhere even in India, a place that foreigners see as a vacation getaway but to which the poor see as hell on Earth. Balram sums up corruption as the poor having to kiss asses just to stay alive and keep their families alive as well. Based on what Balram says in the novel the politician are as corrupted, maybe a bit more, as the British in the colonial era who ruled the land. Even the police are slimy for Balmram states that in order to get what you want “you'll have to keep paying and paying the fuckers” (187). Bribery is what keeps the rich alive in the corrupt arena of life in India. Ashok and his brother had to pay “half a million rupees in a bribe” (80) to the Great Socialist and his people in order to remain at the top of the social hierarchy. Even Balram experiences corruption in his soul as he states that “[he]was corrupted from a sweet, innocent village fool into a citified fellow full of debauchery, depravity, and...
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