The White Lie

Topics: Lie, Truth, Deception Pages: 3 (1414 words) Published: October 3, 2008
The White Lie

The white lie perpetuates itself in our daily lives; in our relationships, in our homes and at our jobs. It is a poisonous seed that once set, can stem disastrous outcomes. Everyone has used the little white lie at some point, but it is however, the work of arrogance and deceit, and brings about distrust, self degradation, and pain. We think that white lies are harmless; nothing would come of them. The grave reality is that this seemingly harmless lie is the root of even more complex, sinister grievances that we may have never thought ourselves capable of. The white lie’s favorite meal is a relationship. It grows bigger, gets stronger and wreaks the most havoc here. For example, as a male, I always assume that my girlfriend wants to hear that she looks beautiful and that everything about her appearance is flawless. It just seems so much easier to throw out a, “You look wonderful”, than to deal with her glares if I fess up an, “I don’t like that dress.” This white lie however, allows distrust into the relationship. How can I lie to her and yet expect honesty in return? It is hypocrisy. Even though it may seem small and insignificant, the white lie is the impetus for disaster. It becomes increasingly easy to say each time, permitting more and more untruths into the relationship. These bolstered white lies soon begin to take the form of deflection, omission, stereotyping, out-and-out lies, dismissal and delusion; all upper-class lies that we never thought we would commit. Nevertheless, by simply telling my girlfriend that one white lie, I immediately join a higher order of lying. Is it not stereotyping and cliché to think that a girl only wants to hear that she is the pinnacle of desire? Doesn’t stereotyping mean that we are now in league with the racists and the sexists? The little white lie is so tricky. It fools us by its golden paved roads and leads us into an abyss of constant deceit. “I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner...

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