The White Heron by Sara Orne Jewett Essay

Topics: Literary devices, Drama, Fiction Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: November 10, 2013
A White Heron the Short Story
A “White Heron” a short story by Sara Orne Jewett. In this short story Sylvia the main character and the Heroine of this story shares her adventure to womanhood. The author uses a tree to represent life the branches and the show hard ship in life. The author does dramatize her great adventure. She uses words such as huge, monstrous and big to describe the tree. She also uses literary device such as allusion and personification to dramatize the tree. She alluded the tree to life and she uses personification to bring the tree to life. Miss Jewett made it so that the character Sylvia changes her perspective as she climbs the great tree. The author dramatizes the situation by using diction. She uses repetition to describe the size of the tree. The tree size has impact on the whole story. The author uses words like “highest, great, huge, monstrous and towered” are some of the words that used to describe the tree size. These words show how the tree affected her as the climber. Even in one point she said the tree was a great main-mast to the voyaging the earth. We the earth is floating in the universe because of gravity. The author uses the word towered which isn’t true. We all know there is no tree in the world that is tall as a tower. This proves how she dramatized the tree. Another example of dramatization is the journey to the tree and distance to get to the tree. She uses “half a mile from home, at the farther edge of the woods, where the land was highest” which dramatize the distance. How would she know exact distance from her house. Later on in the story she gets to tree with ease no one can walk a half a mile without complaining especially if you in a younger age. This proves that the author dramatize the story. The literary devices she are personification, similes and allusion. Through the whole story there are these literary throughout the whole story to make clear and interesting. She uses personification in the third...
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