The West and the Changing World Balance

Topics: Ming Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, Mongol Empire, Tang Dynasty, Europe / Pages: 3 (540 words) / Published: Oct 30th, 2012
Chapter 15: The West and the Changing World Balance
Decline of the Old Order
1) What were symptoms of decline in the Arabic Caliphate by 1300?
2) By what date had the Arabs been virtually excluded from European trade?
3) How involved was Arabic trade after 1100 in the world market?
4) After the fall of the Abbasid Caliphate who replaced them in control of the Arabic world?
5) Why were the Ottomans never able to expand very far? What was their main concerns?
6) What area represented a new conquest for the Ottoman Empire?
7) Did Turkish rulers did not promote maritime trade as vigorously as had the Arabs? Why or why not?
8) Which civilization first attempted to fill the commercial vacuum created by the decline in Arabic trade?
9) What Chinese dynasty succeeded the Mongol Yuan dynasty in China?
10) What was the innovation launched by the Ming dynasty?
11) In what year did the Ming dynasty halt state-sponsored commercial voyages?
12) What were the reasons used by the Ming dynasty to halt the trading expeditions?
13) Was the cessation of state-sponsored trade by the Ming dynasty unusual, or was the fact they even started unusual for China?
14) What admiral commanded China's great overseas expeditions between 1405 and 1433?
The Rise of the West
15) What was a drawback to the West's emergence as a global power?
16) What were contributing factors to the economic crises of the fourteenth century?
17) What proportion of the European population died as a result of the fourteenth century plague?
18) What were the sources of Western dynamism in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries?
19) Strong regional monarchies took hold in this period in what places?
20) From what source did many technological innovations arrive in the West during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries?
21) In what region of Europe did the Renaissance begin?
22) In comparison to medieval culture, Renaissance culture was…?
23) What were the reasons that Italy

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