the West

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The United Staes were trying to push people to settle in the west brought a lot of trouble. Since, Settlers and Native Americans thought very differently there were many conflicts between them. They both thought in different ways about the land usage, settlement, and ownership.

Native Americans thought different about land usage than the Settlers did. The Native Americans thought that land should not be purchased or sold to anyone. They looked at land as a gift of the Great Spirit to humans. In their Thoughts and opinion land should be shared with other people. They took land as a source of life. Some Native Americans thought that if they had land they would have to give it back. They also thought that nothing should be wastedand that everything should be used in honor of the land that humans walk upon. For example the native Americans hunted buffalo they use everything they could from the buffalo including the bones. As you can see the Native Americans respected and praised land and thought that nobody actually owned land but the Settlers thought differently.

The Settler did not care about the what the Native Americans thought they just did what ever that wanted. The settlers bought a lot of land and the United States of America sold land, The Settlers thought that who ever got to land first owned and that after they claimed it nobody else could have. The even put barbed wire to mark their area/territory which disturbed buffalo migration system. The Native Americans where not use to this and always wondered why the settlers did this. As you can see the Settlers took all the land that they could and did not want anybody on their land at all.

The Settlers and the Native Americans have two different points of view but have some similarities. One Similarity is that both of need land to survive. Another one is that they both are settling on land.

The Native American and the Settlers also thought different about settlement, land...
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