The Weimar Republic Was Doomed from the Moment It Was Created. to What Extent Do You Agree?
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“The Weimar Republic was doomed from the moment it was created” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
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The Weimar Republic was created in 1919 after Wilhelm II abdicated. The new government consisted of the ones who signed the Treaty of Versailles, and so nationalistic Germans thought this to be traitorous. The severe consequences given by the treaty had many Germans looking for a scapegoat to blame and the government fitted perfectly.

Straight from the beginning, Weimar faced obstacles from both left and right wings. The Spartacist group on the left, lead by Liebknicht was looking to imitate a more Russian Communistic political system.
They then tried to take control of Berlin, with the support of the USDP, however the military troops suppressed the revolt. Next revolt was from the right wing, and this was the Kapp Putsch, where they seized government buildings. Then Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, with an attempt to seize the Bavarian government, which lead to another revolt being crushed, but clearly indicating that there were oppositions from both sides.

The Treaty of Versailles had put Germany into financial implications, and it was starting to show that the numbers they had to repay was not a realistic one. In 1923 when a hyperinflation had developed, the currency was becoming more and more worthless: the Treaty, which was signed by the government, caused great despair, so they blamed the government for it.
Then when Stresseman was appointed chancellor, he tried to get the ‘Allies’ to be more merciful and showed them how impossible the task they were given from the treaty actually was. Then the Dawes plan kicked in, which tried to keep the levels of reparations at a balanced budget, in order to prevent another situation of hyperinflation. It did help to stabilize the economy and settle inflation and it was

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