The Ways We Lie

Topics: Lie, Deception, Denial Pages: 3 (1339 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Have you ever told a lie? Why is it so easy to lie in some situations? Nearly everyone has been guilty of telling a lie in some way or another. Stephanie Ericsson, the author of, “The Ways we Lie” has shed some light on different ways of lying. This article is most intriguing because it is of a subject matter that is not really discussed. Stephanie Ericsson wrote this article to bring out that there are different ways of lying. Not just the typical lies and white lies that everyone thinks about once you hear the word lie.

Part of being truthful is when you can be transparent about your own self. So Ericsson opens up this article by confessing about her own lying ways. Ericson explains that she lied four times in one day. A passage out of Ericsson’s article in paragraph 3 states: We lie. We all do. We exaggerate, we minimize, we avoid confrontation, we spare people’s feelings, we conveniently forget, we keep secrets, we justify lying to the big-guy institutions. Looking at the above passage, we all have been guilty of one of those things. Ericsson thought that telling the truth all the time is nearly impossible. Personally, some of her statements in this article sound a little like she is a habitual liar and telling the truth is the hardest thing in life, which is not the case once you start facing the truth.

Although people want the truth, nobody really likes those people who are brutally honest. The truth is, that the truth can hurt. We live in a world of deception and have gotten comfortable living in our own realities, but in order to be free, and see things how it really is, we must tell the truth and surround ourselves with the truth. While lying temporarily can relieve you of worry, saying it is okay to lie one way and not another is hypocritical. Lying attacks our very integrity. Integrity once was important, but it seems like it is becoming less and less devalued in our society today. In this article, Ericsson mentions several types of...
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