The Way Food Plays Roles in Our Lives

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Eating Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: October 22, 2012
The role food plays in our social lives
There are many roles in which food could play in our social lives. Food can unite people for special events and occasions, such as holidays and get together. Public restaurants can also play a role in our daily lives and I would compare them.

To start, food can unite people in special occasions. Thanksgiving is a great holiday in which food is a big part of. In Thanksgiving everyone from each house hold brings a dish to the house where it is being held. Then, once every dish has arrived, it is time to eat together in each other’s company to give thanks and blessings, most of the time for being able to have the food that they have in their table. Another great holiday where food can unite people is Christmas. Food plays a big role in Christmas, besides receiving gifts; it unites the family for one big dinner. For example, in my family we cook a pig all day long and at night when it’s cooked the family gather together for the big meal of the night. Usually, during our meal we converse about things going on in our lives while eating all the different dishes the women in our family specialize in. Food can help comfort and unite people together in holidays and special events.

Then come public restaurants that all pass by on our rides to work or school. One of the public restaurants is McDonalds. McDonalds is a fast food chain that is not good for you one bit but the thing that makes people coming back is the prices and speed the food comes out. The reason McDonalds is not good for you is the way they get there meat and chicken from unhealthy ways. For example, they give the chicken chemicals so they could get bigger than normal, which give then more chicken. Another public restaurant is outback steak house. Outback is a great restaurant and a favorite of many people due to their great quality of food and service. There steaks are a great quality of meat and it is always cooked to perfection. Their service is always great...
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