The Way Back and Hands Ending

Topics: The Way Back, Audience Pages: 4 (1078 words) Published: February 11, 2013
“These Hands”

Jen nnifer Jolly


Even though we g so far aw from what God inten get way nded us to u our hand use ds for, He still loves u and sent H Son to provide a way for us to be with Him e us His y forever. In this dra amatic series of monologues, seven different pe s eople express their need to chan their act n nge tions. Theme Easter, Sa es: acrifice, Sin, Cross, Chris st, Forgiveness, Corru uption e Female Adult #1 Female Adult #2 e Male Adult #1 A Male Adult #2 A Presen nt Picture or video de e epicting Jes pierced hands or the crucifixion sus’ e n Appropriate music such as “Yo Are My K c ou King (Amazin Love)” or “Nothing Bu ng ut the Blo ood” or “The Is A Foun ere ntain” Isaiah 53, Romans 3:22-26, 1Peter 2:24, 1P s Peter 3:18, H Hebrews 7:27 7 Be care not to b melodram eful be matic or ove eract. These a dramatic monologu are c ues, so wor really hard to make th rk d hem real. Pe eople in your audience s should be ab ble to iden ntify with so omeone in th script. his Approximately 5-6 minutes 6 male Fem Teen Male Teen You Teen- M ung Middle Schoo Aged ol Voice of Jesus


When Wear

Why How


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“These Hands” Actors should not be lined up in the exact order of their monologues. Actors have their backs to the audience and turn to face the audience right before they deliver their first lines – i.e. the underlined portion of the previous actor’s lines. An option would be to have the actors overlap on the words “these hands.” After delivering their monologues, actors freeze with their hands out front with palms up. An option could be to lift the hands slowly to a posture of worship as the music begins at the end of the script and as the lights fade. Woman #1: These hands. I remember the first time they picked up a drink. I remember...
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