The Water Cycle

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The Main Parts of the Water Cycle
The main parts of the water cycle are evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. They go together in a circle/cycle called the water cycle. None of these parts can be missing. (Well, everything in the water cycle is needed.) Evaporation-

Evaporation is when water turns into water vapor and flows up into the sky. You can’t see it because it’s now gas and gas is invisible. Evaporation usually happens on hot, rainy days because the sun’s energy turns water into water vapor, and when it’s hot, the sun’s energy is very strong.

Condensation is when water vapor is in the sky now and is back to liquid. Now it forms clouds in the sky so clouds aren’t sweet cotton candy which babies think they are. They are made from water. After the clouds are too full of water, they turn gray or turn very dark and then…


Precipitation is when water drops, snowflakes, hail, and etc. drift/fall from the sky. When it water drops fall from the sky, it’s called raining. When snowflakes drift down from the sky, it’s called snowing. And when hail falls from the sky, it’s called hailing.
Condensation (clouds)
What Causes the Elements of the Water Cycle?

Every part of the water cycle causes the elements of the water cycle. None of these parts can be missing. They support each other. That’s why it’s a cycle. No parts of a cycle can be missing.
We need evaporation so there could be condensation. The water vapor formed by evaporation is needed for condensation so it could form clouds which is the main part of condensation. We need condensation so there could be precipitation. The clouds formed by water vapor are needed for precipitation. The clouds need to be full so precipitation...
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