The War Mahines

Topics: Military, World War II, Hispanic and Latino Americans Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: January 22, 2013
A New Kind Of War
How did the new technologies of WWI affect soldiers fighting on the front lines? The new technologies really helped the soldiers a lot. They had weapons in all different places in the air, grounds and even under water which killed many men. These men used chemical weapons such as poison gases that would blind, burn and even kill any man that was exposed to them. The Germans had boats called U-boats where they would store stuff like guns and torpedoes to sink other ships. The fighting men also used stuff like rifles, tanks, machine guns, and cannons. How did women get involved in the war effort abroad?

Women were allowed in the military for the first time during WWI. The Army and the Navy made whats called nursing corps. These were the places where women where admitted to help out with the war. There were also women who went to Europe to work as telephone operators for the Army. Those women played a very important role in order to help their country. How was the war experience of a minority soldier different from that of a white soldier? The white soldiers had a huge advantage because they were they ones that were treated the best. As for the minority soldiers they did not have such a great experience. The African American soldiers were treated better by the French Army rather than from the Army of the U.S. The Hispanic American soldiers were discriminated because they spoke very little english and most of them didn't even get to fight in the war. As for the Asian American soldier, even though they obtained the right to apply for their citizenship they were still discriminated.
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