The War Against Terrorism

Topics: United Nations, Terrorism, Violence Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: April 18, 2002
Is war the right way?
Why do people resort to such violent acts as bombing, assassinations, and hi-jacking? How do individuals and organizations justify these acts of terror? These acts can be described as terrorist actions. Terrorism is a growing international problem. During the last twenty years, new terrorist groups have sprung up all over the world. Governments have had little success in their attempts to resolve issues in which terrorism is used. A major problem in discussing terrorism is establishing a generally accepted definition. Terrorism can be described as the unlawful use of fear or force to achieve certain political, economical, or social aims. Because it is so hard to define, organizations like the United Nations have had great difficulty drawing up policies against terrorism.

A single individual, a certain group, or even governments may commit terrorist actions. Most terrorists, unlike criminals, claim to be dedicated to higher causes, and do not believe in personal gain. The methods used in terrorism include threats, bombings, and the destruction of property, kidnapping, the taking of hostages, executions, and assassinations.

In addition to terrorist groups, governments today also engage in terrorism. Countries sometimes use terrorism as a substitute for traditional warfare by providing money, training, and weapons to terrorist groups whose activities serve their national aims. Governments may also plan and carry out terrorist actions themselves, although they usually deny responsibility for them.

In many cases our governments resort to war as a form to resolve this terrorist crisis. In some cases it may be right but to fight terrorists with war is the wrong way. It is only showing that our country is worse than they are. By committing war we are only embracing the thought that fighting and killing is the only way to go. This war that we are creating against these people and their actions is not justified in any manner. We are...
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