The Walt Disney Company’s Ethics and Compliance

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The Walt Disney Company’s Ethics and Compliance

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November 19, 2012
The Walt Disney Company’s Ethics and Compliance

The Walt Disney Company is the largest entertainment industry in the world. Many are familiar with Disney, due to its lifelong impact it has left on American society. Since the 1920’s the Walt Disney Company has forever impacted individuals around the world for its entertainment, including film, theme parks, and resorts. With the Walt Disney Company being the leading entertainment company around the world, it shows that its financial performance is one that has been secure since the birth of the company. While every person around the world enjoys entertainment, the Walt Disney Company has brought forth an organization that does just that.

There are many companies today that do not place high importance on ethical standards or the repercussions that employees can face from making unethical decisions. The Walt Disney Company is a company that makes it a high priority to have employees, cast members, directors, and various staff members aware of the company expectations at all times. The company gives everyone a copy of their Standards of Business Conduct handbook and through continual training and an online learning system that ensures all employees have the guidance to make ethical decisions (The Walt Disney Company, n.d.). The Standard of Business Conduct in place at The Walt Disney Company, implements that honesty is important to the company and to the shareholders. This shows that the company makes all employees aware of ethical decisions and how this could affect everyone involved, including shareholders, concerning finances.

One example of the procedures in place ensures that ethical behavior is found in the Standard of Business Conduct; “You have a responsibility to be accurate, complete, and honest in what you report and record to meet regulatory requirements, as well as in all Company documents, including accounting records, time cards, expense reports, invoices, payroll records, safety records, business records, performance evaluations, etc.” (The Walt Disney Company, 2012). Not only are all employees made aware of this expectation, but a procedure is in place for financial misconduct. The Walt Disney Company takes ethical behavior very seriously they provide any employee the opportunity to report any misconduct they witness or hear about to their immediate supervisor or the company hotline.

The financial market consists of what a business does to make a profit to operating at a successful business venture. The financial market works to make financial transactions of a business grow and last but least allows for the investors within the business make money. The financial market within the United States consist of business obtain continued support to make profits through customers. The money made through a company, such as Walt Disney holds interest to investors who want shares within the company. The shares offer gains, which pay the investors. When the shares do not have gains the investors take a loss with the interest with the company. The Walt Disney Company continues to grow into a successful business operation and the financial market profiting ability grows continuously. However with the current recession in place, the Walt Disney Company lags along with nation’s consumer-confidence index that recession will end soon (Diorio, 2002). The recession at hand in the stock market along with investors continues to buy into the company allowing for the company’s continued success. However, the struggling owner feels the need to sell the company with no potential buys for the Walt Disney attraction. Even with the shares and investors continuing interest the owner felt the need to sell the huge corporation. Disney continues to find an interest to investors who continue to buy shares with the company making a working progress with...

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