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Topics: Earth, Renewable energy, World Pages: 2 (1282 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Fictional movie Analysis: The Introduction (Paragraph 1)
For this assignment I was asked to pick a fictional movie that related to sustainability, climate change, resource depletion, and threats involving the environment and health. Wall-e is a movie set in the future where earth has become uninhabited due to people not recycling at all, releasing too much greenhouse gases from factories, and contaminating the water which made the earth become too much of a hazardous area for people or animals to live in. The earth shown in this movie is a world full of garbage everywhere from people not recycling or throwing away their garbage. The movie in this sky has also changed into dark and foggy air due to greenhouse gases. As for the water in this movie, the water such as the sea and oceans become contaminated due to people spilling chemicals such as oil into the oceans and the trees were cut down which made people not get enough clean air. The environment was basically in bad condition because humanity decided not to take care of earth. As a result of this catastrophe, humanity decided to move into space and live there with technology that allows humanity to do less physical activities/activity which made them obese, have weak limbs, barely be able to move, and not have the abilities the skills that they once have aquired. It was like this until an old robot left behind on earth by humanity finds a sign of life which was a plant. The robot then manages to get into the space shuttle and show the plant to the people in space which makes them return to earth and clean it up. In some way, this movie reminds me of two other movies known as The Lorax and Elysium because the earth in the Lorax, people had to buy fake fresh air because someone cut down all the trees which is slightly like the world or wall-e because the earth became so bad that even plants were inexistent. Wall-e is also a lot like the movie Elysium because it is a world that went through the exact same...
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