The Wall Street Journal Feature Review

Topics: IPhone, Bing, Startup company Pages: 2 (1305 words) Published: October 22, 2014

The Wall Street Journal feature I have chosen is the marketplace section technology related. This feature depicts companies that are in the technology field. This feature reports on companies that have made technological advances or have businesses in the technology field. When it comes to technology, this feature has a wide range of choices ranging from computers, phones, and Internet. The purpose of this feature is to provide information about companies that are in the technology field. These articles allow you to better understand what these companies are currently doing and if it is a good idea to start investing or it is time to get out. This feature tells about what deals are underway with the specific companies. One feature, for example, was about IBM’s effort to sell server units. This feature allows the reader to have an insight about IBM's business plans. Another example of the purpose of this feature is to provide information about a company who could be in security trouble. IBM’s deal with Lenovo is an example. This feature contained issues about this deal because it involves IBM selling servers to the Chinese. This could be one of those deals that could have bad press for IBM or it can be very good for IBM. It could be good because they're selling equipment to Lenovo. Another purpose for this feature is to review new technology. An example of this feature is Apple iPhones coming out with bigger screens. It gives a comparison on the size of the Apple iPhones compared to other smart phones. This example also provides more of information to the consumer who's reading this feature. This feature occurs approximately three days a week. Normally, it occurs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It also can occur other days as a special topic if there is technology related news. The page where this feature occurs is either B4 or B5 or B6 in the marketplace section of the Wall Street Journal. There can also be technology related...

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