The walking Dead, An individual paper assignment

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The Walking Dead
Group analysis

For the individual paper assignment we were given the task of selecting a movie, t.v. show, or series and to do an analysis on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of group decisions in the film or show. I chose to do my assignment on the show the walking dead, specifically season 4.

The Walking Dead is a t.v. series that takes place in an apocalyptic setting, in modern times. After an unknown plague has swept through the world and decimated the human population to the brink of extinction, and turns the deceased into zombies. Survivors of this plague now find themselves wandering from town to town encountering zombies at every turn. The people that remain have ultimately converted into a survivalist state of being and what seems in vein, seek refuge where ever they can and attempt to colonize or group up as much as possible. The zombies are not the only threat that the remaining people of the world face. Now that the government has collapsed, all public, and health institutions have shut down, and there’s no law enforcement in place so you have people who prey on the weak without consequence. There are no facilities to seek medical attention in the event of an injury and the only way to eat is to scavenge through houses inside zombie ridden neighborhoods.

In season 4 the show centers around 13 main characters and a number of supporting cast that have found solace inside of an abandon prison. The main characters are listed as Rick Grimes who functions somewhat as the leader and the “go to guy” and his son Carl Grimes. Hershel who was an animal vet in his previous life and now is the resident doctor and his two daughters Maggie, and Beth. Glenn who is a former pizza delivery boy who is in a relationship with Maggie and ends up eventually marrying her. There is Daryl who is described as a hunter from the backwoods and Michonne who is a kitanna wielding, mysterious...

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