The Vocabulary of Drama

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The Vocabulary of Drama
Subgenres of types
Thematic Aspects
Deus ex machine
Dramatic irony
Tragic flaw or hermartia
Physical/Technical Aspects

Stage Directions
Other Terms
In medias res
A term for Horace, literally meaning “in the midst of things.” It is applied to the literary technique of opening a story in the middle of the action and then supplying information about the beginning of the action through flashbacks and other devices for exposition. The term in medias res is usually applied to the EPIC, where such an opening is one of the conventions. Comic relief

A humorous SCENCE, incident, or speech in the course of a serious fiction or drama, introduced, it is sometimes thought, to provide relief from emotional intensity and, by contrast, to heighten the seriousness of the story. The original sense, related to “elevate,” implies any sort of contrast, as that between high and low or raised and flat in a so-called relief map. The later sense of “easing” may not always apply to comic relief, because it can have the nearly immediate effect of deepening tragic pain with scarcely a moment’s relaxation. Notable examples are the drunken porter scene in Macbeth, the gravedigger scene in Hamlet, and Mercutio’s personality in Romeo and Juliet. Although not a portion of Aristotle’s formula for a TRAGEDY, comic relief has been almost universally employed by English playwrights. Dramatis personae

The characters in a drama, a novel, or a poem. The term is also applied to a listing of the characters in the program of a play, at the beginning of the printed version of a play, or sometimes at the beginning of a novel. Such a list often contains brief characterizations of the persons of the work and notations about their relationships. Act

A major division of a DRAMA. The major parts of ancient Greek plays,...
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