The visitation

Topics: Murder, Love, Homicide Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: June 1, 2014
This short story talks about some bizzarres events that happen to a man that is studying to become a Spanish teacher. First off all, the main character witness that his neighbor, Don Cesareo, who is an old man that has bad temper and cares a lot about his garden, accidentally murders a beggar, who insists a lot on the begging and Don Cesareo accidentally killed him because of losing his patience, the main character decide not to tell anyone about the murder.

After three years, the main character becomes a Spanish teacher, and one day he sees the beggar, who was killed at the beginning, enter in Adriana Bernasconi’s home, who is the woman that the Spanish teacher has fall in love, but she gets married and pregnant with other man, and lives in the house which is in the opposite side of the street. When the Spanish teacher run at Adriana Bernasconi’s house to warn that a beggar was entering her home and probably he could steal something, Adriana and her husband don’t see anyone enter their home. Then the Spanish teacher decides to return to his home and think that he was sure that the dead beggar enters to Adrianas Bernasconi’s home.

Instead of the little boy Gustavo disappearance, I would prefer that the Spanish teacher ell first to Adriana that he loves her so much and that he witnessed a terrible murder, and try to convince her that she has to leave the town and go to another country because there is a spirit haunting her and her family. Then talk to Don Cesareo and convince him to confess to the police that he was the one that killed the beggar.
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