The Vision of Future Depicted in Steven Spielberg's "Minority Report"

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Discuss the vision of future depicted in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report.

As many critics say, Minority Report is one of the movies that has a very realistic vision upon future. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Minority Report is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. It’s a neo-noir science fiction movie and was officially released on June, 2002. The action in the movie happens in 2054, in Washington D.C and in Northern Virginia. An elite squad that enforces law named “PreCrime”, eliminates crime virtually from Washington D.C. The whole story revolves around John Anderton, captain of “PreCrime”. With the help of three gifted humans called “precogs”, the squad manages to stop crimes before they take place. But the system seems to make an error, when it shows that John Anderton will commit a murder in the next 36 hours. So a “manhunt” begins, a “manhunt” of himself, as Anderton is determined to prove that the system is wrong and to find out the truth. He also believes that one of the “precogs” predictions’, namely Agatha’s, will help him find the truth of this “minority report”. In order to make “Minority Report” more realistic, more believable actually, because year 2054 is too far away to predict what will happen then, Spielberg hired a group of thinkers in technology and science to show him how they think the future will be like. In 2010, there was an article written, showing and proving that the thinkers that Spielberg had, weren’t wrong. Some of the ideas of the crime fighting that are presented in the movie became a reality. A few examples are: Facebook, Google Maps, scanners, drones etc. Some of them say that even if year 2054 is so far away, many of the technological developments already happened sooner than they predicted. Spielberg sees the future as a great technological development and also with totally changed mind and vision of the human being. The “precogs”, the humans that now believe in other humans to predict their future and they take it for granted, like they have no mind of their own and no free will. It will be like today, influenced by media, press, technology and politics but at a higher level. It will get to a point where all these things will control our lives and we will make our decisions based on some factors and predictions. As in any other things made by humans, there are errors, mistakes that no one can see or prevent. And here I am talking about technological errors. Even the title shows us that there is a minor chance that something will go wrong, but there still is. Trusting technology and making technology a way of living is not a good idea. Spielberg shows how a minor error can quickly transform into a fight for life and for freedom. Technology already started to make our lives easier, but we also make decisions based on technology. And as technology wouldn’t be enough, Spielberg also sees media as one of the important factors that will influence us. In the movie, he presents the media as a manipulative force. In Spielberg’s vision, the media will play an important role because as any other important agencies like the police or some big corporations, it will have a power of deciding what to say or show to the people. It will influence us and take decisions for us, because as today, many people tend to believe the advertisement industry and trust all the stories they hear. There will be no need to confirm something, because it will have such a power of influence upon us that we will “know” for sure that everything is real and must not be questioned. As an example, there is a scene in the movie when captain John Anderton walks through Washington D.C. and as he passes beside billboards, they all shout at him. This shows us that there will be a future when as we pass a billboard, we will be identified and told what we want to buy. Another thing that must be discussed is the police. Again, I think that Spielberg’s thinkers didn’t expected this to...
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