The Virginian

Topics: Love, Marriage, Narrative Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: April 20, 2011
The Virginian Essay
Adam Boeka

The Virginian is said to have helped establish the code of the West, as well as the stereotypical people that inhabited it. It was the first novel of the West, and seems to have made the formula for many others to follow, many taking the cinema route as well. Wister presents us with an idealized hero, much like father in Little Britches, in the Virginian. The hero always encounters a major conflict, thus making the plot. A romance is always a secondary storyline, which reminds me of the movie Maverick with Jodie Foster. And most of all, this all takes place in the lawless, morally challenged beginning days of people settling in the West. The storyline is set up so that the narrator is a guest and can witness all of what goes on with the Virginian. It is really his story, and the narrator shows his experiences through his point of view, also adding descriptive narrative about the things going on. If the Virginian would have wrote this story, it would not be a good one. He is a man of few words and would not detail the story for the readers enough. The villain is clearly Trampas for a few reasons. On top of being a rustler, which is the major reason he is a villain, his character shows the traits of that kind of man. In those days, many men were not honest in their intentions and it was a struggle for some to be honest, probably even with themselves. Again, the movie Maverick reminds me of the lawless mentality of regular civilians when they are on the casino boat and so many people get caught cheating and thrown off the boat. Trampas manipulates people, and he doesn’t care for the Virginian because he is threatened by him. He does not have to be dishonest with people, he gets respect from them fro who he is and they naturally persuades them. This is in opposition of Trampas, who would probably lie to his own mother. Molly is the heroine that the Virginian has a romance with, and many opinions and expectations of...
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