The Vikings from Legend Sharped European civilization

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The Vikings from Legend Sharped European civilization
Part I: Introduction
Among the numbers of Germanic tribes that dominated Europe, the Vikings were by now the one of most important civilization changed Europe. “The word, Viking, commonly evokes thoughts of warriors on sailing expeditions that upon reaching land would unravel into pillage, rape and murder.” (Goodrich 1) The Vikings were all dreadful warrior, they defeated every kingdom along the coastline, beating Europe into submission, showing the continent what is true strength. The Snakes have to slough their skin to grow, the Vikings consequently causing Europe to grow stronger. Like firming up of a muscle, Europe came back stronger and more powerful than ever to defeat its enemies with its own strength which is foundation of western Civilization to rise rapidly in the modern times. The Vikings swept across Europe like the glacier, leaving in its wake a series of destroyed civilizations. Part II: The reason of extension

The earliest ancestors of the Vikings can be traced back as far as the 6th Millennium BC. “During this time northern Europe was undergoing a warming period. Ice sheets that had once covered the land began to recede, revealing forests, new land to hunt and farm, and lakes and fjords to be fished.”(Bertler 2) The Viking ancestors slowly migrated to these new locations most likely from the area that was inhabited by the Germanic tribes. What led the original Viking ancestors to migrate away from their original settlements? Some try to prove the idea of overpopulation in the original areas in which the Vikings ancestors lived. Others try to explain the idea that freemen according to their wealth and wives as they could possibly afford. This view is has been questioned by Scandinavian historians. “Although polygamy was practiced, nothing gives any evidence that there would have been any overpopulation in the villages. It is more likely that the laws regarding the inheritance of the...

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