The Views of Britain and Germany towards Each Other during 1900-1914

Topics: World War I, Ottoman Empire, Bosnia and Herzegovina Pages: 4 (1240 words) Published: November 11, 2013

Describe one action taken by Britain and Germany in relation to their naives in the years 1900 -1914? Britain had the largest empire, which was protected by the British navy. But by 1914 Britain was no longer the dominant economic power, Britain was out-performed by Geramany. As they had supplies like coal, iron, chemicals and light engineering. Describe one action taken out by Germany/France/Britain in relation to their empir ein the years 1900-1914? British considered German main threat to it's empire. This was reiforced by Germany's idea to form a triple alliance. Germant, Austria-Humgary and Italy agreed to support eachother if attacked from either France or Russia. France felt threatened by tripple alliance. Also, Britain was also concerned by the growth in the German Navy. And in1904 thre two countries signed the Entente Cordiale. Which was to encourage co-operation incase perceived threat of Germany. Russia also feared attack from Germany. So joined Britain and France to make a tripple entente. Describe one action taken by Kaiser Wilhhelm to increase Geramn power between 1900 -1914. He basically built up the Geramn navy. He alienated Britain with his navel expansion and policy or aggressive. Following the assasionation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Wilhelm encouraged Austrians to adopt an uncompromising line against Serbia. He didn't see the chain reaction this would trigger. Russia and the allies France and Britain went to war argainst Geramany and Serbia. Wilhem tried to scale back the mobilisation of Germany's armed forces, but was prevented by the German military. Wilhelm found himself excluded fromthe military decisions. Combined with severe German sortages of men and materials led the Germany's military collapse. Breifly describe 3 key features of Moroccan Crisis of 1905

1. Germany resented France's increasing dominance of Morrocco and Inisisted of an open door policy which would allow German business access to its market. 2. Kaiser Wilelm...
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