The Vice President, the Product Manager and the Misunderstanding

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Case Analysis

Problem Situation: The performance of the new assistant product manager will be affected because of the vice president and the product manager misunderstanding.
The San Miguel Corporation has a meeting for planning marketing strategies. It was participated by product managers and other staff. After the meeting began, Butch Abelos the vice president and the presiding officer known to a crusty veteran with a reputation for bluntless asking a series of question that most of the product manager were able to answer in detail. Then he turned and question about group of products to Raffy Bote , one of the field sales managers that was new promoted as an assistant product manager to his first headquarters for a group of products. Bote, confessed that he did not know the answers. So the former announced, “ gentlemen, you have just seen an example of sloppy staff work, and there is no excuse for it!” On the other side was Jimmy Guevarra, the director of the marketing and the one invited Bote. It was immediately apparent to him that Abelos had forgotten or had failed to understand that Bote was new to his job and was attending for his own orientation than to contribute it. He had to make quick decision. He could interrupt Abelos and point out that he had judge Bote unfairly but that course of action might embarrassed both his superior and his subordinates. So he could wait until after the meeting and offer an explanation in private. He followed the second approach. Glancing at Bote , Guevarra noted that his expression was one of mixed anger and dismay. After cathing Bote’s eye, He winked at him as a discreet reassurance that he understood and that damage could be repaired.

Cause of the Problem: The Vice President, the Product Manager and the Misunderstanding The misunderstanding between the vice president and product manager is due to miscommunication.

Objective :
To formulate corrective action that will prevent miscommunication. Decision criteria:
CriteriaDescriptionWeight (%)
Humanitarian Consideration
Ease of Implementation
Acceptability to the management
The alternative concerned was the subordinate feelings
The capability of the problem to solve immediately
Less opposition in implementation of alternative
The alternative should be acceptable to management

Areas of Consideration:
Abelos was very busy that is why he doesn’t have enough time to know those newly promoted subordinates.

2.Missing part of a meeting
There was the missing part of the meeting. Bote was unable to introduced himself as a new assistant product manager. 3.Place
Bote was with the OLD managers. So it was difficult to identify whether he was new or not.

Alternative Courses of Action:

Alternative no 1. Make a chart with picture of those new to the organization.
A boss with a hectic schedule are unavailable to meet new subordinates. So by having a chart with picture in his office they will become familiar to him. Advantage(s):
The application of this alternative will help the superior to familiarize their subordinates. He will become inspired and serve as stress reliever specially if all wears they sweet smile in the picture .

If this alternative will be pursued the company will have an additional cost. And if you have a bad time or having a misunderstanding to your new subordinate you will get additional stress if you see the pictures. Alternative no 2. Give the first part of the meeting for the introduction of the new in the organization.

If this alternative will be implemented, you will become aware to the new members. You will become free from hurting their feelings. Advantage(s):
The implementation of this alternative will prevent the situation like before. You will become...
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