The Veldt

Topics: Supernatural, The Ray Bradbury Theater, Atmosphere Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: December 8, 2014
Mrs. Smith
Honors English II 7th
22 September 2013
The Unveiling Veldt
While reading the very intriguing and entertaining story “The Veldt,” written by Ray Bradbury, I have found the gothic element occurs frequently throughout the story.The story consists of a family who finds the perfect house to raise their offspring in.The parents try to keep their children from the harmful things in society, while they are the ones doing the most emotional damage to them through the lifeless house and their choices.The story strongly displays its gothic appearance through its supernatural events. It presents itself through its atmosphere of mystery. The modern day castle setting also supports its gothic element. The story shows its gothic element through its supernatural events. The nursery has almost gone rogue when “The lions came running at them” (2) and the door began to “...tremble as if something had jumped against the other side.” (3). I believe that this shows the gothic element in the story because the veldt can not physically harm them. It must have been tampered with by some unknown entity. It proves its gothic element by how “ the smell of hot grass … [and] drops of saliva were on it,” (5). This shows a huge example of a gothic element because it does not have a natural explanation. It also surprises both the husband and the wife because they cannot explain the phenomenon .”The Veldt”collaborates various amounts of gothic elements in its story. The story has a futuristic example of a gothic elements through the modern day. The house has a passageway where people can go to an “air closet, where a wind” (5) sucks you up to the room you desire. This shows a gothic element by the ‘modern-day’ castle by its secret passages. It shows an example by how mysterious it can be. Another example of a gothic element shows itself by how the house mysteriously can “produce warm dishes of food from its mechanical interior” (3). This inclines me to believe the...
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