The Values of an Education

Topics: Education, Full-time, University Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: December 12, 2012
In today's society in order to have any kind of respect or respectable job you must attend college. And in order to go to college you must have the funds to pay for it. Yes, you must spend thousands of dollars on an education so you can get a high paying job. Most people have their parents pay for their college education, however not all parents can pay for such a privilege. Some students must work their way through college, and depend on loans, which they must later work to pay off. 

For those who are lucky, their parents pay for college. If the student is so lucky some people think that they do not value their education as much and are more likely to slack off and not do as well. They don't quite understand just how much their education is costing their parents and don't have to worry about maintaining scholarships or worrying that their money is going to waste. Although since these students don't have to spend their time out of class to work long hours during the week, they have time to focus on their studies and do a better job. These extra hours will give students plenty of more time to manage their work load and complete all of their assignments on time and done well. The extra time will also allow them to space out their assignments and study hours, which will relieve stress because the student isn't trying to cram in all of their work in a short period of time. They also are able to have a social life. These students will have extra time to hang with friends and experience the social aspect of college. 

On the other hand there are those of us who must work to pay off their education. These people are hard working and are more likely to take advantage of their education. These people work hard in class because they don't want their hard earned money going to waste. Most of the people think that if they work hard now they won't have to work so hard in the future. They spend hours and hours a week working to support their education, which doesn't leave...
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