The Value of Thank You

Topics: Positive psychology, Value, Self-esteem Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: May 3, 2007

According to this article, there are multiple reasons (benefits) to make a point and thank your employees. To start off with, it can increase the pride and self esteem that your employees feel about themselves and their work. Employees experience personal appreciation and recognition knowing that his/her performance has been taken notice of. It also strengthens relationships between employees and supervisors. And at times when raises, bonuses, and promotions aren't suitable for everyday occasions a simple "thank you" can substitute for these rewards. Saying "thank you" can also rub off on others and become an example for other employees to copy. When it comes to confronting dissatisfactory performance, things may go smoother if your employee knows that you are not constantly in a habit of pointing out only the bad things they have to offer, but are willing to thank them for there hard work and dedication. "Thank You's" also reaffirm the values required in the employee's role and can make clear to them the atmosphere you are promoting in you organization. A "thank you" can serve as a preventative maintenance being that the more you reinforce an employee's satisfactory work so that it becomes a habit, the quicker you will prevent employees from getting off track and creating problems. Employees may also feel a constant and lasting pressure to continue their good work so that their supervisors do not change their minds about the way they feel about how well they have performed for them. In conclusion saying "thank you" is a lot more than just being polite, it serves as a reinforcement to the employees to continue doing a good job, and makes for a happy and respectable work environment.
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