The Value of Good Customer Service

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January 31, 2006



Subject:The Value of Good Customer Service

As you asked in your assignment, my oral presentation opener is nearing its final stages of completion. I have looked into different options on expressing the value of good customer service. I feel the following content best fits this assignment.

When it comes to feeling like you are happy with a product or service you have purchased, there are many possibilities. A product can have the best price in the industry. It can have the highest quality standards and reputation for long term reliability. Even a service you purchase from a company can help you make more money than you have ever made. Yet, you will never be happy without good customer service. This is the bread and butter of total satisfaction with a product.

You might have bought a new stereo speaker set for your home at a killer sale or clearance price for some once in a lifetime deal, but what you don't know how to set it up? Will you still feel good when you find out there is no customer help line you can call to assist you with setup questions? Chances are this may lead to frustration and disappointment.

How about if you have something go wrong with a brand new Honda you have just bought a week ago? Obviously, you chose to buy a Honda because of its high standards for quality and reputation for reliability for years to come. You would be angry if you called the salesman who made the sale on the car and instead of offering help and direction he just laughed and hung up the phone. Customer service needs to be excellent not only from the salesman but also the service department even if you drive the best built car on the road.

Good customer service creates a positive hype for your product. Positive hype leads to higher profits due to increased sales. This type of hype comes from people who have already purchased the product or service. A lot of advertising is done by word of mouth....
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