The Value of Decepline in Student Life

Topics: Discipline Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Discipline is the key to success - this saying holds true for all times and for all people of all age groups. But for students it holds a great value. In contemporary times there are so many temptations that can lure a student away from his basic objective in life. The glittering world of advertisement, the glamorous world of modeling and cinema unfold a new era in front of young people and they are wooed by the glamour. Those of us who are not wise enough to think rationally will be swept off our feet and carried away by the fast paced winds of change. It is good to change, I am certainly not against changing. But the million-dollar question is, how much to change, when to change and, above all, why do we need to change? These are the questions young minds should put to themselves before they blindly follow the latest trends. Everything that glitters is certainly not gold and many a times what does not glitter and does not catch one's fancy might be more precious than gold. Before being swept off by changing winds, a student should think and consciously choose which path to follow. Apart from these, web chatting also takes up much of a youngster's time. At a student's level, where there is cut-throat competition and time is extremely precious, these can prove to be real obstacles to overcome. Self-discipline is something students should aim to achieve. It is not a commodity one can buy from the market. It is a rare quality which one has to inculcate, nurture and cherish from early childhood. Through self-discipline will come concentration which will in turn help a student to scale newer heights of academic excellence. Success will be theirs for the taking who value and practise self-discipline and abide by it at all times. Temptations are always there. Only the forms of temptations change. But those of us who learn the subtle art of self-discipline and self-constraint, nothing can prevent us from attaining our goals in life. Let's us all aim to be a little more...
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