The Valuable Lesson I Learned

Topics: Education, English-language films, School Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: September 22, 2010
Before there was Miss. Dee the school teacher, or the successful student striving for nothing but the best in life, there was missy; the girl that thought she was invincible. I was always the semi-popular one growing up, to many it may have seemed as though I had it all: both of my parent’s in the same house, I was an honor student, Vice President of the nationally recognized Highsteppers drill team. Not only was I focused; I was happy.

“If you listen, you might actually learn something,” was a statement I heard too often from my mom as a seventeen year old teenager. Once senior year arrived, I can honestly say that I was truly a different person; someone that I didn’t recognize. I began hanging around with a “new crowd”, skipping school, running away from home, drinking and smoking, something that I’d never tried before; But, while I was trying so hard to fit in, I never realized how many people I would hurt in the process, including myself, and the serious consequences I was going to have to face along the way.

Living as a teenage runaway proved to be more difficult than I had imagined. My life consisted of partying Monday through Friday, and very little sleep. I lost twenty pounds during my downward spiral and, every meal I’d eaten was treated like it would be my last. I missed my normal lifestyle; I missed my family and friends, especially my mom. Throughout all of the stress I’d placed my mom; she was always there for me. Regardless of all the negative feelings my father may have felt towards me, my mom always made sure that I was able to reach out to her; if I wanted to come home she always welcomed me with open arms.

The day that I realized I needed to change and get my life back on track is one that I’ll never forget; I had run away from home to go to a college party with some of my friends in another city, and while there I began to have an uneasy feeling about one of the guys that had driven us out of town, so I decided that I was just going...
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