The Valkyrie Compared To Wagner's

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Which composer is better Richard Wagner? Or Georges Bizet? They both are know to be great composer but are completely different in their own ways. To Friedrich Nietzsche a german philosopher he believed Wagner to be a disease to music and disliked to hear his works. He deeply thinks that Wagner's music is too brute, artificial, and unsophisticated. Nietzsche though is a big fan of Bizet who works he thought sounded natural and perfect like music should sound unlike the crudeness of Wagner’s.

The orchestras in each opera were very different from each other. In “The Valkyrie” by Wagner the music piece was very emotional and would set the feeling of what was happening. Compared to ‘Carmen’ by Bizet which is very soothing and peaceful Wagner's
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He each character is emotional and dramatic. The main male character talks about how he was in a intense fight for his life with the enemy at the same time the music playing around him is dramatic and fueling the feeling of intensity. The characters are always in a rush and panic which relates to the song. In “Carmen” the characters are completely different they don't have a care in the world and are only thinking of natural thoughts such as pleasure. The music is not trying to give feelings to characters like Wagner's music but instead the music itself is coming from inside them as natural as can be.

The set design in both operas are drastically different from the other. In “Carmen” the set is lit with soft lighting and colorful colors giving you the feeling of happiness and light just like the music. In “The Valkyrie” the set has hard lighting and is mostly dark with an erie feeling like the music as well. Like what Nietzsche said about the artificial feeling from Wagner's music the same can be said about the set itself. It does not feel natural at all and seems they tried to hard to fit the music with the story when the music and story should connect harmoniously like

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