The Vagina Myth

Topics: Sex organ, Vagina dentata, Folklore Pages: 5 (2044 words) Published: November 17, 2008

The Vagina Girls

Some people believe that most of the mythological stories are based on some degree of truth. Legends and folktales evolve from small grains of truth and usually spawn from one’s own inner demons and secret fears. A common phobia that evolves throughout cultures is the myth of The Vagina Girls. The myth of The Vagina Girls is often associated with fear of castration in men. This fear highlighted because of the myths translation to film and seems to be a premise for a horror movie. The myth discussed something that women suffer from and creates a psychological fear with references in different cultures that became popular thousands of miles and across thousands of years. Sigmund Freud theorized that some men have latent fear to women genitalia (Gorgan, 2008). Vagina stories entertain people as well as being used as a scare tactic to prevent underage sex and teen pregnancy. The mythology of The Vagina Girls is a fearful and powerful tale. The story is told of a Kicking Monster who had four daughters. The four daughters were the only women who possessed vaginas. These four daughters lived in a house and their vaginas were hung on walls. Not surprisingly, the knowledge about these four girls became known to many men and most of them traveled to their place. However, when men approached the place they were ambushed by the Kicking Monster and they were kicked into the house from which they no longer survived and never returned. There was a young hero known as the Killer of Enemies and known for killing most of the monsters. The Killer of Enemies outwitted the Kicking Monster and he met the four vagina girls and he was set to have intercourse with the girls. Before the girls lavished the attention of the killer of enemies, they were asked first about the whereabouts of all the men kicked by the Kicking Monster into the house. The girls answered the young hero that they ate the men and these are the things they liked to do. The Killer of Enemies found out that the four vaginas wanted to have intercourse with him so that they could eat him up. The young hero talked to the girls and told them he had to give them four kinds of berries known as medicine that could make their vaginas sweet. The Killer of Enemies persuaded the girls and surprisingly they liked the medicine very much. The sourness of the berries puckered the mouth of the girls so that they could not chew with their teeth and could only swallow. The medicine destroyed the teeth of the vagina girls. From then on The Vagina Girls would not be able to kill any more men. The girls were also asked to keep and secure their vaginas until they were fully mature. (Edward, 2008). The mythology of The Vagina Girls has much less to do with teeth mutations and as a cautionary tale that warns men about the dangers associated in intercourse with strange women. The Vagina Myth was used in the film “Teeth”; directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein with the movies premiere at the Sun Dance Festival in 2007. The film is about female empowerment against male antagonists that set into a new cultural context based on a very old primal fear. Dawn the heroine played by Jess Weixler learns to accept and love her body particularly the power put forth over men who attempt to violate her. The movie version of the vagina myth is an alarming film that serves as a cautionary tale for men that discusses a girl whose vagina bites off unwelcome penis. According to Lichtenstein’s fantasy world, the mythology illustrated a toothed vagina that serves a policing function. The film translation discussed solution to male violence against women and description of revenge as cold comfort. The characters embody the original gynophobia myth as risky and their fears as evenly. The subject matter of the myth regards the vagina as unclean things that need to be wrapped in chaste cotton. The film version marginalizes vaginas and the risk of...
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