The Used Car

Topics: Sales, Mazda MX-6, Negotiation Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: October 4, 2007
In this negotiation, I played the role of the buyer of the car, Mazda MX – 6 from Francesco, who played the role of the seller. The task involved negotiating for the right price for the used car.

When I was planning for the negotiation the most important criteria was that the car must certainly have all those specifications which the 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport was offering. That is, an air conditioning, AM/FM stereo, 6-cylinder engine and the mileage should be the same or more than the Jeep. Also, I had firmly decided to buy the Mazda under all circumstances and not go in for the jeep, as it would certainly turn out to be a better proposition than the jeep. Moreover, I had mentally prepared myself for the fact that looking at the gravity of the situation, it was more important for me to buy a car right now than go for the vacation. I can always postpone the vacation or go for a smaller vacation with lesser money. Therefore, I wanted to buy the car within the budget of $4700 for sure. However, I thought that if the seller would offer some really good deal, I would take a loan for that amount as the interest will not be too much. However, the upper limit I had set was $ 5500. For this amount, I had thought of taking a loan to the tune of $ 1500 and pay the interest of about $200 from my savings.

I had to negotiate with Francesco, who was selling me a Mazda MX-6 car in very good condition. It had all the features that the jeep had, i.e. an air conditioning, automatic transmission, 6-cylinder engine, 5 doors and the same mileage as the jeep. Besides it certainly had a good brand image to go with it. As we started negotiating, Francesco made the first offer of selling the car at $8000. When I heard the amount I was taken by shock as my first offer said $3000. When I told Francesco that I could not afford this amount for a used car as I was getting a better deal for much lesser amount elsewhere, he immediately came down to $ 6000, saying that it was in very good...
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