The use of a reflective lesson plan in your the teaching envriroment

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In this reflection, I shall discuss what is a reflective lesson plan and the gap between the micro and macro dimensions of teaching by Richards (1990) in my real context. First, I will provide a brief definition of what is reflective practice by Lyons (Ed.) (in press). I shall also opine on how could it be useful a reflective lesson plan. And lastly, I will state my concluding thoughts. If society is constantly changing due to the transformation of knowledge is required for it, the need to transform the models and ways of thinking, about Lantz (1999) notes that to achieve this you need to form a citizen with a set basic skills, among which include: ability to review, active and collaborative, ability to criticize and create, and produce intellectually, among others. Teacher’s duty. The teacher’s task is complicated, however we must renew. What is mention in this paper is an effective tool for achieve it. Preliminary reflective practice is defined by Lyons (Ed.) (in press): Reflective practice is a way in which teachers interrogate their teaching practice, asking questions about how they might be refined to meet the needs of students and their effectiveness putting into practice. The development of reflection is considered not simply as change, but as the evolution and integration of more complex ways of engaging in a critical examination of one's teaching practices. In my real context I would say that pre-service english teachers have to practice a process of reflection in order to enrich their learning and teaching, it is necessary to look for different strategies in order to become better english teacher. I said this because in the place where I hired many persons function as teachers, they don't have any preparation only know the use of english language, so for them it would be very useful to develop their teaching putting into practice the process of reflection. Some teachers may find difficult to start reflecting, that was my case. At the beginning the...

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