The Use of Gis in the Development of Border Areas

Topics: District, Local government, Management Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: March 1, 2010
After the reformation on 1998, the direction of national development policies has changed from centralize to decentralize through the policy its called district autonomy policy “otonomi daerah”. When it was announced, public has highly expectation that the policy could create a multiplier effect for economic growth thus people welfare would be better. However, government feels the policy still leaves a number of issues that must be improved to create effectiveness and efficiency in every level government administration process.

One of the needs to be improved in the district autonomy policy is how to manage the border area in each district properly. Most districts in Indonesia has less attention in managing their border area comprehensively when they did long-term planning through RTRW (Rencana Tata Ruang Wilayah), further it could create conflicts. Generally the conflicts arise in border area due to the disputing line borders with neighbour district which has a snowball effect such as land ownership problem, citizen collecting data problem, seizure of natural resources, regional public services problem, etc. Some examples due to less attention in managing border area which is in the settlement process in Ministry of Home Affairs (Depdagri) such as the conflict which involving 6 villages (Bobaneigo, Pasir Putih, Tetewang, Akelamo Kao, Akesahu, and Dumdum) between District West Halmahera with District North Halmahera related with the issues of regional public services, the conflict which involving 5 villages (Desa Intan Jaya, Desa Tanah Datar, Desa Muara Intan, Desa Rimba Jaya dan Desa Rimba Makmur) between District Rokan Hulu with Districh Kampar, the conflict in managing of oil resources between District Musi Banyuasin with District Musi Rawas, and many other cases are in the completion process. Therefore to manage the border area properly government need to do holistic approach by involving all aspects of inter-related in political aspect, social aspect,...
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