The Use of Fossil Fuels, Such as Coal and Oil, Belongs to the Past.

Topics: Fossil fuel, Natural gas, Wind power Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: May 19, 2012
“The use of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, belongs to the past.”

For the time being, the world is mostly dependent on the use of fossil fuels. All the infrastructure is fossil fuel based. i.e. if the world runs out of fossil fuels now, there won’t be any alternative energy source to power the entire world. Fossil fuels are usually found in rock formations containing fossils from decomposed animals and plants. The formation of fossil fuels happens in the course of hundreds of millions of years and requires intense conditions of heat and pressure; thus, it is a non-renewable resource. There are three types of fossil fuels: coal, oil, and gas. Fossil fuels, when burnt, produce a lot of pollution as they contain hydrocarbon. A huge amount of carbon dioxide is emitted and the global climate is affected, for instance the change in weather of the world i.e. Global Warming. Another example of Global warming is the Melting of Glaciers. According to a research conducted by National Geographic, fossil fuels are likely to run out in the next fifty years.

Mpumalanga province in South Africa is responsible for about forty per cent of Africa's carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning. Its per-capita emissions are higher than those of Britain, even though its per-capita GDP is only a sixth of Britain's. According to the Falconium (The Science Journal), its of vital importance that we find a solution to the energy crises, for the sake of the modern world and for our planet's survival. The large engines that are used in the oil drilling, production, and transportation processes burn natural gas or diesel that also produce emissions. Pakistan's Thar Desert contains the largest coal reserves discovered to date, covering an area of 10,000 square kilometres. Pakistan has reserves of natural gas as well but these have already started to diminish. For countries like Pakistan that are mostly dependent on Coal, some technologies such as Clean Coal Technologies (CCTs) have been...

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