The Use of Cell Phones by Teens Can Lead Them to Interpersonal Problems?

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Instant messaging Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: July 30, 2012
The use of cell phones by teens can lead them to interpersonal problems?

The lifestyle of today’s teens does not look anything like the individuals of the same age in previous generations. These differences, which are not new, are crossed by many social factors, but the most important of all of them: the technological change. His connection with the information and communication technologies is growing and its control over those resources as well. In the daily lives of young people there is no difference between reality-virtuality, school-entertainment, and work-leisure. Young people today have an impressive speed to adapt to new cell phones, computers, etc. That makes other generations look with amazement how they change it behavior’s modes. Today more teens have access to cell phones and use the internet for social networking more than years ago. It is not the same to share an experience or a problem with a friend face to face than using a text message or chatting on Facebook. When you go to a restaurant or even in the movie theater you can see a teen texting or connected to a social network. Many adolescents and also older generations acknowledge that they spend more time sending text messages or chatting on Facebook than speaking. There is a modern need on teens that can have an adverse impact on them: stay connected! Cell phone use has increased in the past years because is really easy and economic to have one. Years before cell phones were used to make and receive calls, today we can listen to music, send text messages, and access the Internet, also record voice notes, make video conferences, take and modify pictures, etcetera. In this study, I will show that this modern need can cause problems in adolescent’s interpersonal relationships. To test this hypothesis I will use the method of observation, interviews and questionnaires.
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