The Untouchables

Topics: Al Capone, The Untouchables, Eliot Ness Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: January 29, 2012
The Untouchables
Chicago in 1930 was a very dangerous period to be in . Local gangs stage war throughout the city for control of the billion dollar illegal alcohol industry . The main cause of thee violence in the city was Prohibition . Gang wars , gun battles and explosions were a common scene Whenever local liquor stores won 't accept the high-priced low quality liquor being sold by gangsters that store will just be blown into dust Gangs impose their will with the use of their toys , the tommy guns and hand grenades . In this city there is no greater kingpin than Alphonse Capone , portrayed by Robert De Niro . Al Capone controls the city as if he is the mayor . He uses dummy corporations to hide his identity as the liquor king . He was always shown being interviewed by the press and often he distances himself from the liquor industry . He demonstrates himself as someone who has legitimate business and that he has nothing to do with liquor . Because he is so popular and powerful , the press accepts whatever he says . In addition , Capone even has control on the entire police force of Chicago . That is no wonder why nobody dares to take actions against Mr . Capone Then came agent Eliot Ness which was played by Kevin Costner . Agent Ness was sent by the Department of Treasury to take action and stop the growing empire of Al Capone . He was readily welcomed by the chief of police of Chicago . He immediately setup a raid on one of Capone 's warehouse . But since Capone has eyes and ears all over the town , the raid greatly failed . He only found umbrellas from what was supposed to be boxes full of illegal alcohol . Ness was devastated by this failed raid . This made him believe that there is nobody he can trust in the fight against Capone . Then came the Irish American police officer Jim Malone which was played by Sean Connery . Sensing that officer Malone was different from all the other policemen in the city , Ness immediately asks for his help on how he can get...
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