The Unleashed Mind by Shelly Carson: Why Are Creative People Viewed as Weird?

Pages: 3 (538 words) Published: May 26, 2014
The Unleashed Mind

In her article, “The Unleashed Mind”, Shelly Carson, a lecturer and researcher at Harvard University, answers the question which has been asked by all, “Why are creative people viewed as weird when among us?” Through research, Carson came to a finding that creativity and eccentricity are compatible which is why the most successful, intelligent, famous, brilliant... etc. people are seen as peculiar by the public, due to their odd behavior. For example, Einstein used to pick up cigarette butts off the street to collect tobacco for his pipe. Usually, people who are highly creative and eccentric are talented and intelligent. Carson theorizes that how creativity and eccentricity are related, has to do with cognitive disinhibition, thus often coming across strange or "creative" ideas and solutions to problems. She continues by saying that most (participants) who scored high on the Creative Achievement Questionnaire answered “yes” when asked whether or not they “often feel like a square peg in a round hole”, implying that they are aware that they do not fit in with the rest of us. However, Carson concludes that today with modern technology, businesses encourage creativity in their employees and endure eccentricity in order to promote innovation.

Everyone agrees that the brain is phenomenal, yet I never knew that we had such things called filters in our brains that helps block unnecessary thoughts and ideas. Moreover, that some people have cognitive disinhibition made it clear to why people come up with (some might view as) bizarre ideas though creative due to them having unlimited set of ideas coming to their conscious awareness, which as Carson mentions, is hard to ignore. This information, I have found extremely interesting. Likewise, it has answered the questions of many. I do agree that in today’s world, creativity is highly encouraged and needed because it will help improve a country’s economical and technological status especially in...
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