The United States' Annexation of Hawaii

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The United States annexes Hawaii in 1900 is Imperialism.Because it had to do with hawaii and their economical power.It also had to do with them other countries fighting over them.It also had to do with Hawaii being scared of countries and their territory nations.

The Untied States wanted Hawaii to become a state .In 1959 the Untied states government annexed Hawaii and was later declared a state. The reason why is because British and French governments negotiation on Hawaii for economic privileges. So Hawaii was fearful that it would become one of the territory nation . So the United States signed a treat with them. Which they decalred a friendly relationship.

The United States attempts to mediate in the Venezuela -Great Britain dispute in 1895 is Intervention.Because it had ivolvement with foreign power in affairs for another nation.It achieve the stronger powers. There was a dispute between Venezuela and Great Britian. That even Cleaveland invoked the Monroe Doctrine.

The United States secretary toke interpretation on the Monroe Doctrine when the dispute occurred between British Guiana and Venezuela.Monroe Doctrine gave United States the authority to mediate the border dispute on the Western Hemisphere.The reason why this was happening because Venezuela and Great Britian disputed over the boundaries deprarting the Venezuela and British Guiana.The bountries claimed gold was in their territory.So thats when United Stated sent a message to the world that they would enforce the monroe Doctrine.They made it clear to them that it was going to be enforced.

The United States declines to give aid to Hungarian patriots in 1849 is Isolation.Because it was remaining apart from other nations affairs. Hungary was basically classfied as a national independent country.

Note:There is like nothing on Hungarian and why the United Stated declines them Ive looked everywhere I asked my mom if you have any info I will be gladly to refix this one and resubmit...
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