The United States and World War 1

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The reasons that I think the United States shouldn’t have entered World War I is if the Europeans would have settled their issues on their own, there would have been a tie in the end, or maybe Austria/Germany would have won. In that case Hitler would not have arisen and WWII would never have occurred, many Eastern European countries wouldn't have suffered communism. The United States had no reason to get involved in the war. The only reason we went into the war was because we merely got caught in a sort of crossfire. The main reason we (the United States) joined the First World War was because we lost a few lives within the crossfire between Germany and Britain. The Lusitania, British cruise/transport ship had left New York for Britain, and along the way, had been assaulted by a U-ring of German submarines. About twelve hundred people died, with about 130 of them being American. Seeing as the U.S’ fuse was rather short by then, we took this as the final straw. And then if you add the 9 million deaths that happened during the war. I don’t think that 130 deaths were as horrible as America was making it out to be. Not only was the determination low for our soldiers, considering there really wasn’t that much to back up our battle, but the conditions in which they had to live in were terrible. “For weeks, sometimes months, they were confined to cold, water-logged, rat- and vermin- infested holes in the ground, constantly exposed to rifle, machine-gun, shrapnel and artillery fire without being able to fight back.” The First World War was easily our (the Worlds) first exposure to a war of its caliber, where survival isn’t based on your military prowess, but also on luck. It was a war that originally had nothing to do with the United States, and frankly, it should have stayed that way. We, the United States, should have waited a bit longer before we decided to join the war. Even though Germany had been pulling our buttons for a good while, a war isn’t something...
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