The United States’ Influence on the Rest of the World

Topics: United States, World War II, North Korea Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: May 9, 2009
It has been thought for many years that the United States is a nation of liberty, security and good, but on September 11, the terrorist attacks on the world trade center, made us open our eyes and took away that U.S.’s innocence. Have you ever wonder, which were the United States actions, which cultivated that incredible amount of hatred, which grew in some people’s mind up to the level of wanting to take their own lives in order to hurt the U.S.? These terrorist attacks really shocked many people. We were shown by this that the United States was not as vulnerable nor secure as we imagined. There have been many controversies about what America is doing to assemble that rage. I believe that overall, the United States’ influence on the rest of the world is more detrimental to the rest of the world for the following reasons: Through out history, the U.S. has been very hypocritical on many occasions; we possess the biggest and strongest army and it has been used many times on our convenience; and, finally; other people believe that commercial expansion is good, but it really has created more conflict because it threatens cultures.

Fists, through out the history, the United States has been very hypocritical on many occasions. America has tried to show that they are correct, just and good, for example, with the war on terrorism. Supposedly, we are so desperate to end the evil in the world, but what about the things that our country has done. A good example is the arms-for-drugs trades at Ilopongo. In 1982, during the Reagan administration, with the CIA knowledge, the air force base in Ilopongo, El Salvador was used as a transshipment point in those trades scheme that supplied the anti-communist Nicaraguan “Contras” with those weapons funded through cocaine sold on the streets of U.S. cities. There is also the case of Florida. For more than four decades, Miami has been used as a base of operations for groups with good amount of money incorporated by Cuban exiles that...
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